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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Split Time

It has indeed been a long time since my last post; however, the reason for this break has nothing to do with a diminished interest or affection for horology.

I have to admit that the late heavyhearted political and social issues affecting the United States have been mentally exhausting and demoralizing, and they have been taking a toll on my optimism for the future, making it harder to disconnect, unwind, and pay attention to comparatively trivial objects such as wristwatches.

Perhaps driven by the need to engage in a more positive and rewarding mental exercise than say, reading endless news articles and commentary and following everything and everybody in social media, I have for the last few months started to play (or as I routinely explain it, pretend to play) acoustic guitar.

I knew that by picking up a new hobby, I was also engaging in a new journey of learning. It is after all in my nature to try to learn as much as possible for those things I find exciting: motorbikes, classic bicycles, horology, whisky, and of course, the glorious Cornish pasty.

Martin's two millionth acoustic guitar a collaboration with RGM
It has been interesting to discover how much the acoustic guitar and watch industries and their followers have in common. Really, just look at how obsessed are acoustic guitar aficionados with “tonewood,” the lengthy heated discussions about Martin vs Gibson vs Taylor or bolt-on vs dovetail necks, and how the industry pushes tradition, heritage, and prominence down their consumers’ throats in order to rationalize high prices. Wow! And please do not get me started with brand loyalists, Rolex (cough, cough).

But then again, just like in the watch industry, regardless of marketing hype, fashion, made-up heritage, baseless blown-up prices, there are so many things to admire about this (mostly) handcrafted objects. Since this is a watch related blog I won’t trouble you with details about it.

I believe that diversifying our interests is a healthy endeavor, and I can say with certainty that I have found this break beneficial and gratifying. In fact, I think that this break has allowed me to enjoy my watch collection even more by distracting me from the relentless pursue of the “perfect” balance.

I do still frequently take watch photos and post them in Facebook and Instagram for everybody to enjoy. The process is very easy and I get plenty of feedback, especially on Instagram. However, writing something worth my (and yours) time on the other hand is not as simple. But while I will be spending more time strengthening the adductor pollicis muscle of my left hand than writing for this blog, my intention is still to share my opinions and experiences as they relate to my journey learning about wristwatches.

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